Sunday, July 27, 2008


i'm here. i havent had anything to blog about because Roo is still missing and my oven/stove still doesn't work.

i have been partying like a rockstar with Gulliver for the past week and it's been wonderful. work is busy.

i want chocolate. and a gin tonic.

that's all i can muster for now.'

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

when domestic house cats go wild!

there is a label for my blog named "Only Me" for a reason. and here is one example why!

you all are familiar with Rooney, my pee-er. well since i have moved into a new place, i am exacting a zero-tolerance policy for peeing on my stuff. a week or so ago, Rooney had peed on the rug in the kitchen. i put him out in the back yard for about 5 hours. i went home at lunch and let him back in. he was not pleased with this, so i decided that maybe the front porch might be a better idea, since my neighbors have their cat out on their front porch. he'd been back in the house for a few days, slowly going outside with me occasionally. a little skittish, but getting used to it.

on Sunday morning, when i went into the kitchen, my cousin was laying on the couch. i told him that i didn't even hear him wake up. he told me that he slept on the couch, because Roo had peed on his air mattress. at which point, i grabbed Roo, rubbed his face in the peed on sheets and chucked him out the front door. he didn't like this one bit. he kept trying to get into the house, through the window and at one point, pulled the screen OFF the window. well, instead of going out the front door to fix the screen and run the risk of letting him back inside, i went around back and out the gate. when i got to the porch, we was pretty freaked out. he was huddled in the corner and was howling a little. when i picked up the screen and set it behind a chair i had on the porch, he tried to jump through the window, because he could see into the house. he bounced off and freaked. he then tried to jump into the house through the window again, and bounced off landing slightly on his back, with his front claws stuck in the screen and his back leg caught in the slats of the chair and now was hissing and starting to puff up. and still howling. i remember looking at him, and asking him "really??? really?", as i was able to basically look all the way down his throat from the howling and hissing. once i realized that he was caught in the chair, i figured that was part of the reason he was so freaked out.

i considered how to get him free, all the while him hissing and howling. (this was SUCH a mistake) when i leaned forward to maybe grab his back leg, he flipped over and attached himself to my leg. with the claws buried deep in my leg and the teeth firmly planted in my knee, i screamed bloody murder. i then somehow got him off my leg and he ran away. i stood there for a minute shocked, and waiting for my cousin and neighbor to come running out to find out why i was screaming. when that didn't happen, i gained my composure, and hobbled back to the gate. by the time i reached the house, the blood was already coming through my jeans. and my arm was bleeding pretty well too. as i went down the hall, my cousin came running out asking WTF happened. seeing the blood on my arm and jeans, he got really worried. i told him what happened and then started to clean up my arm. once i got my jeans off, it was a horrible sight. puncture wounds, bruises, pooling blood. here is the picture after i got it all cleaned up.

meanwhile, its 2 days later and still no sign of Rooney. i'm a little worried. i feel horrible for the whole thing. and i've gotten flamed on one of my message boards. being told that i was abusive and mistreating the cat. and that i should have given him away when he started peeing on things. i dont think that is a better option than making him an outside cat. i think it's a worse one. but whatever. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

but i will heal. and Roo will come home. of this, i'm sure.

OH! and Zach is now home, out of the hospital. and healing. thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

update on Z

i just got an email from my mom.

they have taken him off the respirator, he's breathing on his own. it seems the drugs have finally left his body. there is a little muscle damage due to the OD, but its on the miscroscopic level. he has a urinary infection. his kidneys are still producing, but having a hard time filtering. he is still sedated, but a different sedative now.

they have taken off the neck brace and leg restraints.

he's getting there...

and thanks for all the love and good thoughts!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

don't take the Brown Acid

ever have someone do something SO stupid you want to strangle them, but what they did was so dangerous that you can't bring yourself to be mad AT them?

guess who's brother is in the ICU?

Zach decided to be a little adventurous and take LSD. not sure how much he took, but apparently it was laced with something. it caused him to FREAK THE FUCK OUT. he stripped down naked and began to beat the shit out of himself in the back yard and cause a real ruckus. at 5 am, the neighbors called the cops. the cops called the ambulance. and they had to wrestle him and sedate him in order to get him in the ambulance.


when they got him to the ER, since he was naked, he didn't have any ID. so they put him in an ER room and admitted him with a number, no name. when his girlfriend called the hospital to find out where they took him, they couldn't find him in their system. and this is when she called our mom to let her know what happened. the hospital wouldn't give her any information, since he's over 18. but finally let her know that a man matching the description was in ICU.

they have kept him sedated. he is on a respirator. he is also restrained. his heart rate is through the roof. it was 107 yesterday, and was 133 at one point today. he has yet to see a doctor, because it can take up to 24 hours for them to come by. and i am in the "GO SEE HIM NOW!" place. but i can't do shit from here.

so mom and i think that i whatever it was he got a hold of had been laced with PCP or something of the like. cause i've heard of bad acid trips, but DAMN.

and i know he will be fine. at least he will until i get MY hands on him.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

stick your head in the oven.

oh wait....

please add to that previous list:

an oven that doesn't work.
and a ruined bookcase due to the water leaking out into my garage.

and still no acknowledgement from the property management company about the water leak. i sent an email last night about the oven and got a response about an hour ago... but the SEVERAL emails i've sent over the past week, about the water, have gone unnoticed.

i'm starting to get pissed. i'm so done with feeling bad that i've had to contact them so much. i'm now at the OVER it place. and i've only been there a week.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

if it's not ants, it's fleas.

i forget who told me that saying, but right now, it's SO appropriate.

remember the part about my house not being found by several companies. that should have been a flag. a GIANT red flag.

to recap and update:

cable can't find me.
power can't find me.
informed of a possible water leak in the utility closet that was gone upon move-in.
spiders in the house. (yeah i know)
no hot water. i mean NO water AT all coming out of the taps.

so i moved on Sunday in all funk and nasty and had NO hot shower. and then moved some more stuff the next day and got even MORE funk and nasty. i went to Gulliver's for a shower on Tuesday. i was FILTHY. finally got the plumber to come out yesterday and he found that the hot water had been turned off at the water heater. and THAT's why i didnt see a leak in the utility room. what a bullshit move, eh? so yeah, i've been paying for water to heat and run for over 16 hours now.

and i don't want to call the property management company AGAIN. i feel like i have called EVERY day. and i think they must hate me now. and everyone tells me that i should get some compensation on my rent for this. but i don't want to piss them off more.

sheesh. i'm exhausted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

agua caliente

i have WATER!!!! and it's HOT!!!!!

details to follow.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

el six-o

today would have been our 6th wedding anniversary. and its hitting me a little harder than i want it to. the loop in my head is "stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it, stop thinki... there you go again"

and i am having to sit on my hands to NOT send him SOMETHING... ANYTHING... cause nothing good will come of it. i know that anything i expect to get from him in a response will only hurt more. and sure, there's that tiny part that wishes, wonders, hopes that he realizes what today is.

and to make it worse, the 19th is 2 years since i moved out and last saw his face.
and the 29th would have been our 8th anniversary of being together.

yes, i know i have to let it go. and dammit, i do a really good job during the rest of the year. but FUCK, i hate July.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The ABCs of Me

Accent: i dont have one, unless i am talking to someone with one. but i get asked what part of NY i'm from a lot.

Breakfast or no breakfast: i didnt used to... but i typically have about 8-10 spoonfuls of an organic yogurt with acidopholus in it, first thing when i wake up.

Chore I don’t care for: taking out the trash. i have been known to drive over to my mom's house to pick up my brother to then take him over to MY house to take my trash out.

Dog or Cat: cats. 3 of em. i am SO over this fur nonsense though.

Essential Electronics: phone. wait, does that count? if not, then my iPod.

Favorite Cologne: carolina herrera

Gold or Silver: silver

Handbag I carry most often: the red one i got from allie, when she stole my brown one.

Insomnia: yeah, not THIS girl. i'm a good sleeper.

Job Title: Coffee Goddess

Kids: not yet.

Living Arrangements: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i'm moving this weekend!!!!!

Most Admirable Trait: my joy for the simple things in life.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: heh. i was a nail biter and a thumb sucker, how weird that i hardly EVER put my hands in my mouth now, unless they are still dripping wet from the hand-washing.

Overnight hospital stays: only when i was borned.

Phobias: hah. see also hand-washing. and icebergs. *shudder*

Quote: "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" -Auntie Mame

Reason to smile: dude. look around. there is magic EVERYWHERE.

Siblings: 3. 2 bruddahs and a seester. and then the ones i have adopted to my family. see also: Numbers

Time I wake up: which time? when i drag my ass off the couch at night? or in the morning? usually around 7.

Unusual Talent or Skill: i've been able to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue since i was like, 5?

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: PEAS. whoever invented peas needs to have them shoved up his or her nostrils till they cant breathe anymore. guh-ross.

Worst Habit: bein a smartass

X-rays: at the chiropractors (i hear some of you snickering)

Yummy Stuff: i would love someone to make me a Bailey's Cheesecake.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: the lions

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


and behold....

it is ALSO Lola's birthday today!

here's to you, My Little Pocket Queen!


momma's got KEEEEEEEEYS!

granted i cant move anything in until tomorrow, but i gots em!

know what else else i have? a hangover. a good one. the hazy, 3 more hours of sleep would do wonders, anyone for another cocktail to get back to center, don't even recall the details of the dirty-dirty last night, old fashioned hangover. pity me.

i can hear my mom now, "i have no sympathy, you did this to yourself." no, actually Gulliver did this to myself. he was the one pouring. and then more pouring. and then some more, dear?

OH! and this may come as a surprise to some of you, but i SUCK at Guitar Hero. that may have been due to the gallons of vodka coursing through my veins at 11pm.

so yeah. i havent even packed a box. but i have some. i have transferred utilities and such. and have mentally decorated the House in the Hamptons... but the way i feel right now, moving ANYTHING tonight is SOOOOOOOOO not on the agenda.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


some people have code words for certain things in their life. some people have their own "isms". i have a friend that we MAINLY speak in code. partly cause we IM a lot at work and partly cause it's now become more funner to do so.

i will give you last night as an example. i got a text from him around 10pm that read "MOCON?" which translates into, "are you available to talk?" and the reason it means this, is neither he or i can drive ANYWHERE without being on the phone, so we have dubbed our driving to be "Mobile Conferencing". he would call me and say, "mobile conferencing: ON" and on my blackberry i can make shortcuts for phrases. so i saved "mobile conferencing: ON" as mobcon in my phone. when i told my friend this, he then adopted calling it MOCON. see the logic? right.

meanwhile, i responded back with "lilliput". which translated into "i am unable to chat right now, i am at Gulliver's house".

yes. for real.

when i thought about this, it just made me giggle. that in a world of faster food and weird internet chat phrases, a friend and i have created our own language that makes no sense to anyone but us.

aren't secrets fun?