Tuesday, July 1, 2008


some people have code words for certain things in their life. some people have their own "isms". i have a friend that we MAINLY speak in code. partly cause we IM a lot at work and partly cause it's now become more funner to do so.

i will give you last night as an example. i got a text from him around 10pm that read "MOCON?" which translates into, "are you available to talk?" and the reason it means this, is neither he or i can drive ANYWHERE without being on the phone, so we have dubbed our driving to be "Mobile Conferencing". he would call me and say, "mobile conferencing: ON" and on my blackberry i can make shortcuts for phrases. so i saved "mobile conferencing: ON" as mobcon in my phone. when i told my friend this, he then adopted calling it MOCON. see the logic? right.

meanwhile, i responded back with "lilliput". which translated into "i am unable to chat right now, i am at Gulliver's house".

yes. for real.

when i thought about this, it just made me giggle. that in a world of faster food and weird internet chat phrases, a friend and i have created our own language that makes no sense to anyone but us.

aren't secrets fun?

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