Friday, July 18, 2008

update on Z

i just got an email from my mom.

they have taken him off the respirator, he's breathing on his own. it seems the drugs have finally left his body. there is a little muscle damage due to the OD, but its on the miscroscopic level. he has a urinary infection. his kidneys are still producing, but having a hard time filtering. he is still sedated, but a different sedative now.

they have taken off the neck brace and leg restraints.

he's getting there...

and thanks for all the love and good thoughts!


Donna Jean said...

I'm so glad he is better! Zach, you and all the family have been in my thoughts and prayers! Keep us posted! Luvs ya!

Angela said...

Dear Baby Zach,

Get well soon.

So we can beat you about the head and shoulders with a sockful of quarters.



christelpistol said...

and by "quarters" you mean "bricks"

Lola said...

and by bricks you mean our bare hands...repeatedly...about the face and jowls...till he remembers not to forget that drugs are bad.

and i mean that in the most loving, Christian way possible. and we'll hug him first, before the bruises set in.