Tuesday, July 22, 2008

when domestic house cats go wild!

there is a label for my blog named "Only Me" for a reason. and here is one example why!

you all are familiar with Rooney, my pee-er. well since i have moved into a new place, i am exacting a zero-tolerance policy for peeing on my stuff. a week or so ago, Rooney had peed on the rug in the kitchen. i put him out in the back yard for about 5 hours. i went home at lunch and let him back in. he was not pleased with this, so i decided that maybe the front porch might be a better idea, since my neighbors have their cat out on their front porch. he'd been back in the house for a few days, slowly going outside with me occasionally. a little skittish, but getting used to it.

on Sunday morning, when i went into the kitchen, my cousin was laying on the couch. i told him that i didn't even hear him wake up. he told me that he slept on the couch, because Roo had peed on his air mattress. at which point, i grabbed Roo, rubbed his face in the peed on sheets and chucked him out the front door. he didn't like this one bit. he kept trying to get into the house, through the window and at one point, pulled the screen OFF the window. well, instead of going out the front door to fix the screen and run the risk of letting him back inside, i went around back and out the gate. when i got to the porch, we was pretty freaked out. he was huddled in the corner and was howling a little. when i picked up the screen and set it behind a chair i had on the porch, he tried to jump through the window, because he could see into the house. he bounced off and freaked. he then tried to jump into the house through the window again, and bounced off landing slightly on his back, with his front claws stuck in the screen and his back leg caught in the slats of the chair and now was hissing and starting to puff up. and still howling. i remember looking at him, and asking him "really??? really?", as i was able to basically look all the way down his throat from the howling and hissing. once i realized that he was caught in the chair, i figured that was part of the reason he was so freaked out.

i considered how to get him free, all the while him hissing and howling. (this was SUCH a mistake) when i leaned forward to maybe grab his back leg, he flipped over and attached himself to my leg. with the claws buried deep in my leg and the teeth firmly planted in my knee, i screamed bloody murder. i then somehow got him off my leg and he ran away. i stood there for a minute shocked, and waiting for my cousin and neighbor to come running out to find out why i was screaming. when that didn't happen, i gained my composure, and hobbled back to the gate. by the time i reached the house, the blood was already coming through my jeans. and my arm was bleeding pretty well too. as i went down the hall, my cousin came running out asking WTF happened. seeing the blood on my arm and jeans, he got really worried. i told him what happened and then started to clean up my arm. once i got my jeans off, it was a horrible sight. puncture wounds, bruises, pooling blood. here is the picture after i got it all cleaned up.

meanwhile, its 2 days later and still no sign of Rooney. i'm a little worried. i feel horrible for the whole thing. and i've gotten flamed on one of my message boards. being told that i was abusive and mistreating the cat. and that i should have given him away when he started peeing on things. i dont think that is a better option than making him an outside cat. i think it's a worse one. but whatever. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

but i will heal. and Roo will come home. of this, i'm sure.

OH! and Zach is now home, out of the hospital. and healing. thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.


Angela said...

Of course he will come home. He's just pissed. Let me know if you want me to start on posters though...

On the plus side, maybe he gave you super powers whn he bit you! If they aren't of the peeing nature, that could be pretty cool!

Ms. T said...

Ouch. This is the first I've heard of Rooney the Pee-er.

I've got a cat. She always comes home, no matter how much she hates us, because she allows us to feed her.

Poor leg. I'll drink to yer leg, arrrrr....