Thursday, July 10, 2008

if it's not ants, it's fleas.

i forget who told me that saying, but right now, it's SO appropriate.

remember the part about my house not being found by several companies. that should have been a flag. a GIANT red flag.

to recap and update:

cable can't find me.
power can't find me.
informed of a possible water leak in the utility closet that was gone upon move-in.
spiders in the house. (yeah i know)
no hot water. i mean NO water AT all coming out of the taps.

so i moved on Sunday in all funk and nasty and had NO hot shower. and then moved some more stuff the next day and got even MORE funk and nasty. i went to Gulliver's for a shower on Tuesday. i was FILTHY. finally got the plumber to come out yesterday and he found that the hot water had been turned off at the water heater. and THAT's why i didnt see a leak in the utility room. what a bullshit move, eh? so yeah, i've been paying for water to heat and run for over 16 hours now.

and i don't want to call the property management company AGAIN. i feel like i have called EVERY day. and i think they must hate me now. and everyone tells me that i should get some compensation on my rent for this. but i don't want to piss them off more.

sheesh. i'm exhausted.


Ms. T said...

Don't worry about the property management company. That's their job. Call them and rant and rave and they'll fix it.

All they really care about is if you pay on time.

Wishing you a pleasantly scented bubble bath and wine.

christelpistol said...

oooh that sounds good. i miss my big ole garden tub though.

themommie said...

ms. t is right, that's their job. they are supposed to provide a "habitable" house, not one with fleas, ants, no hot water. like i said, bake 'em a cake and they'll love you. oh, and pay your rent on time!

christelpistol said...

GAHHHHHH... what a mom thing to say.

but you're right. you usually are.