Thursday, July 17, 2008

don't take the Brown Acid

ever have someone do something SO stupid you want to strangle them, but what they did was so dangerous that you can't bring yourself to be mad AT them?

guess who's brother is in the ICU?

Zach decided to be a little adventurous and take LSD. not sure how much he took, but apparently it was laced with something. it caused him to FREAK THE FUCK OUT. he stripped down naked and began to beat the shit out of himself in the back yard and cause a real ruckus. at 5 am, the neighbors called the cops. the cops called the ambulance. and they had to wrestle him and sedate him in order to get him in the ambulance.


when they got him to the ER, since he was naked, he didn't have any ID. so they put him in an ER room and admitted him with a number, no name. when his girlfriend called the hospital to find out where they took him, they couldn't find him in their system. and this is when she called our mom to let her know what happened. the hospital wouldn't give her any information, since he's over 18. but finally let her know that a man matching the description was in ICU.

they have kept him sedated. he is on a respirator. he is also restrained. his heart rate is through the roof. it was 107 yesterday, and was 133 at one point today. he has yet to see a doctor, because it can take up to 24 hours for them to come by. and i am in the "GO SEE HIM NOW!" place. but i can't do shit from here.

so mom and i think that i whatever it was he got a hold of had been laced with PCP or something of the like. cause i've heard of bad acid trips, but DAMN.

and i know he will be fine. at least he will until i get MY hands on him.


Lola said...

let me do your worrying for you until you know what's what so all you have to do is love. i've got the BIG prayers going for all of y'all.

then when he's safe and sound we'll kick his ass.

Angela said...


Ass beating ga-lore.

Tasty said...

What the girls said.

Love you.