Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bacon and what?


someone make these and bring them to my house.


Friday, September 26, 2008

knit one... GIVE many!

as some of you know, i am a knitter. our very own Alliepants taught me how years ago.

since then i have only been able to make flat things. scarves, blankets, washcloths. i have truckloads of yarn around my house. i am working on a giant afghan for my bed with really pretty fall colors. and since i am almost finished with it, i was rolling around what my next project would be. and who knew it would come to me in an email?

there was THIS story in my email from the yarn newsletter that i get weekly.

"Skein by skein. Month by month. A pledge starting with a single skein and taking it a month at time. Knitting up a skein’s worth of washcloths, preemie hats, Warm Up squares. Or working as far as a skein would go on a healing shawl or scarf or mittens. No real rules. No one checking out if a month gets skipped or a skein is not quite finished. "

so... my NEW project is gonna be knitting BLANKETS FOR CHARITY! i think i will go with this one, since it's in my hometown.

is that right up my alley or WHAT? i'm so excited. so, if you wanna buy me soft cottony yarns for my birthday, that will be SO perfect!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

what can brown do for you?

i had a salon night last night. colored my hair (hush, Allie) and did a pedi. and i somehow did them sorta the same color. my hair is a mix of toasted almond and hazelnut. and my toes are haute chocolate.


at least i'm not beige.

and speaking of colors, color me excited about working the ACL fest on Friday. granted i don't get to see any of the shows that night, but the perks are the 3 day pass for FREEEEEEE.
i'm stoked about seeing

G. Love and Special Sauce
Robert Earl Keen
John Fogerty
Iron and Wine
Blues Traveler
The Raconteurs
and who knows what else i may hear as im walking from one stage to another!

maybe i will see some of you there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh, you're a dancer.

i want to thank all of you who sent out good thoughts and vibes for Papa John. he came through with flying colors.

when i called him on Thursday morning, he sounded great. instead of replacing his leaky valve, they were able to repair it. and THAT is awesome! when we spoke, they had taken the respirator out and he was sitting up. he had been up and walking around and was doing great. he told me that it was a pretty good looking scar. he said that as a biker he needed some good scars and that all he had were just "weenie ones". i said, "hell of a way to get one. 'Excuse me, i will take the LARGE scar' and you KNOW chicks dig scars!"

here's to speedy healing for Papa John.

and Ian and i had a great visit too! we did try to break our livers. we had a blast just hanging out. we ate way too much food. and laughed until our sides hurt. then the stupid Navy was all, "we need you to leave BEFORE Saturday to come down to Corpus." ya know.. with the impending hurricane and all. and then when he got there, they said, "you TOTALLY could have waited until Monday" GAHHHHHHH.....

and in conclusion, Gulliver and i are done. this last time was to finish up unfinished business, i guess. or something. i'm ok. i have some sad moments about it occasionally, but it was inevitable and for the best. and i'm glad we gave it one more go. it was always an adventure.

now on to a new one. it's a little "bean in the cup" right now... (will and grace reference for those of you playing the home game) and i don't want to talk about it too much here. cause it's juicy and all... but let's just say, I'm HAPPY. i'm VERY happy. and THAT is goodness.

Monday, September 8, 2008


ever have 2 things coming up that are polar opposites?

this Wednesday, by baby brother Ian is coming down to spend some days with me on his way to Corpus Christi.
on the same day, Papa John* is having heart surgery.

both of these things are big deals. so, i'm pretty sure i will be in some weird headspace then. and i'm sure Papa John will be fine. i mean CAAAAMMAAAANNNNN... he's Papa John. have you MET him?

so, send out some good thoughts for him on Wednesday. and send safe driving thoughts for Baby Brother Ian. and send healing liver thoughts for me. cause i'm pretty sure Ian and i will try to break ours over the course of 2 days.

cause THAT is how we roll. it's the Townsend way.

*Adopted Father figure who lives in Georgetown. we love him truckloads. he's ultra cute in a Pirate hat too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

i'm alive

i swear.

just been busy busy bee and not too much to report. i mean i have a lot going on. just nothing that i care to catalog and write about right now. the majority of it is WAY personal life stuff. but let's just say i'm happy. and that does not suck.

and what else does not suck is that my toe color is called, "Have You Seen My Limo?" i mean come on people.... if that's not fancy as hell, then i don't know what is.

taking the Rottens to the pool today. and i see cold beers and grilled animal products in my future as well.

OH! and i'm a moron. i have been fighting with ants in my kitchen for about 3 weeks. and last night i had a "FUCKING DUH!" moment. for those of you that know me, my standard response to something random is "you know... ants don't like cinnamon" yes. that is correct ANTS DON'T LIKE CINNAMON. needless to say, my kitchen now smells very much like cinnamon. and i haven't seen any ants today.

at least i'm pretty.

Happy September, Y'all. may you not Labor today.