Wednesday, July 2, 2008


momma's got KEEEEEEEEYS!

granted i cant move anything in until tomorrow, but i gots em!

know what else else i have? a hangover. a good one. the hazy, 3 more hours of sleep would do wonders, anyone for another cocktail to get back to center, don't even recall the details of the dirty-dirty last night, old fashioned hangover. pity me.

i can hear my mom now, "i have no sympathy, you did this to yourself." no, actually Gulliver did this to myself. he was the one pouring. and then more pouring. and then some more, dear?

OH! and this may come as a surprise to some of you, but i SUCK at Guitar Hero. that may have been due to the gallons of vodka coursing through my veins at 11pm.

so yeah. i havent even packed a box. but i have some. i have transferred utilities and such. and have mentally decorated the House in the Hamptons... but the way i feel right now, moving ANYTHING tonight is SOOOOOOOOO not on the agenda.


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