Monday, June 30, 2008

"that's not normal"

what a bitch of a day.

i spent about 2 hours this morning, before work transferring all my stuff to my new house. washer and dryer, no problem. time warner, can't find my house number on my street. power company, can't find my house on my street, so i had to call the company that reads the meters to get my ESI ID, which is the number that identifies my electric service. they only found 3 house numbers on my street, but gave me one that might work. i called power company back and that number didn't work. so, i called my leasing company. apparently it was RAGING BITCH day there. i spoke to the "Agent On Call" who actually said to me at one point, "its not like i have a magic wand that i can MAKE the utility companies find you"

FUH REAL? you wanna play like THAT?

so when i tried to tell her all of the avenues i had been down in order to find my answer, in between her interrupting me, she said, "i haven't even HEARD of those companies". at which point all my nice rubbed off. i then, ever so politely told her, "sweetie, the company i called was the one that both, MY power company and the one you have listed on the move-in sheet, use in order to read their meters." once she realized i wasn't messing around when i asked for the previous tenant, or owner's information, she got even MORE snippy. "yeah well i can't fix your problem. i would suggest talking to the manager of the companies". that's when i thanked her for her time, hung up on her and sent a scathing email to her office manager. momma was in NO mood to fuck around.

finally i called the other energy company and got the correct ESI ID and then called mine back and got it all resolved.

and that was ALL before i even left for work.
when i got to work, i figured that since i WORK for the phone company, i could get THAT taken care of relatively easily. so i ran my address for other services and it came back that i could have our NEW-FANGLED tv and internet service. insert happy dance *here*. WHEE! a silver lining! i got all the way through the process and then saw the words "no sale" flash across my screen. when i called to inquire about the issue, i was informed that we had a glitch in the system that was making EVERYONE green for said service. i even said to the kid on the phone "insert STRING OF EXPLETIVES here" ver batim.

OH and then... i had my mouth all watered up (SUCH a mom saying) for samosas from this indian place around the corner... and yep. they were closed today. muther trucker!

yeah. the universe was a-gin me today.

after i had been at work for about 3 hours, i then got a text from a friend that his dog was hit by a car and died. so i guess it wasn't just a pisser of a day for just me.

when a co-worker mentioned Walgreens, the light bulb went off that maybe Momma needed some retail therapy. so during lunch i bought 5 new nail polishes and 2 candy bars. uh-huh... it was THAT kind of day.

when i got back from lunch, i informed the co-worker that i had gone to Walgreens and bought 5 new nail polishes and then mentioned that Ang had once asked, "are there ever colors of the rainbow left that you DON'T own?" i guess so. and as i was talking about buying 5 new nail polishes, i said, "i already OWN over 200 nail polishes... like i needed 5 more" and that's when the assistant manager looked up from what he was doing and said, "you own over 200 nail polishes???? that's not normal!"

to which i replied, "for the Numbers it is" and he just shook his head knowingly.

so here we sit at 5:38pm. i am at work for another 3 and a half hours. i'm kinda curious what else will happen in that time.

wish me luck.


Allie said...

do i need to go to texas and kick some arse?

cause i will.

Ms. T said...

Oh, honey. C'mon back up here to the Midwests and I'll make you a kickass Bad Girl Martini.

We'll paint each other's nails, too, although I am but a pale reflection of your nail-polish-collecting fabulousity.