Wednesday, June 18, 2008

home again home again jiggity jog

k, so i don't REALLY know where that phrase is from, but i remember my mom saying it when we would pull into the drive way. and it's a little more upbeat than how i feel about being home... but meh, what can you do?

i'm home. and i don't wanna be. i didn't get nearly enough time with the Numbers. i didn't even get to see Donna AT ALL (i'm still cussing about that) and there was so much more that i wanted to do in Cinci...

but i digress. i have pictures and stories and pictures and stories... but right now i am waiting for some guys to come take a look at my truck and hopefully give me appropriate legal tender, load the Wonder Truck onto a towing dolly, and drive it away. (yeah, i'm trying not to think about the emotion that SHOULD be involved with that... deedeedee)

and then off to the pool, since i'm still on Vacay until Tuesday of next week.

more to come. stay on the edge of your seats. i will bring the funny and photographs unto you chortly. but here's one to whet your whistles.

deuces, chickens.


Allie said...

i'm going to the pool in about an hour. i have much beer - meet you there.

oh - and i'm picking up lola in october and we're going to stacey's for a few days - just saying.

hint hint.

J. said...

The Pool? >.>

I won't wear a swimsuit, but I'll bring some tasty frozen drinks like fresh made Margarita's if I'm invited to this little party!

christelpistol said...

mmmmmmm.... you would make a PERFECT cabana boy!

Tasty said...

Yeah, hint hint.