Thursday, November 6, 2008



it's the BF's birthday on Sunday. i have super special plans for him on Friday. he keeps asking what they are. at one point, he said, "if you're planning a dinner, then it's gonna be tough, i have something going on Friday night." i shot back, "alright already... i'm JUST trying to figure out when to get the stripper pole installed... sheeeeeesh!"

he still has no clue. one could call him clueless. but that would be mean. so would a real green dress. ( i know like 3 of you actually caught that reference)

ok back on topic. he's prolly gonna go to the UT Baylor game with his dad on Saturday... but then.... THEN... on Saturday night... THAT'S when the fun begins.


"but what's pub golf, Precious?"

  • you MUST be in golf attire
  • there are 9 pubs or “holes” in the course
  • each hole has a par number assigned to it
  • the par number corresponds to a type of drink
  • the number of strokes you take for a hole is the number of drinks you need to finish that drink
  • drinking water is considered a Water Hazard
  • allow 30 mins max for each hole, to try to keep on schedule
  • each hole has a par number; a par number corresponds to the following drinks:
  • * Par 1 - shooter
  • * Par 2 - glass of wine (red or white)
  • * Par 3 - bottle of beer (any)
  • * Par 4 - pint of beer (any)
  • * Par 5 - bombs (jager, irish car bomb, etc)
  • - (optional) you may want to implement a 60- or 90 second “drink clock” in which the player has a set amount of time in which to finish an attempt at a Hole-In-One shot. (Some folks, while working on a Hole-in-One, can really stretch out how long they take to finish). If the person does stop and takes a second stroke, then timing is not so big of a deal.- a 2-stroke penalty is assessed to anyone who hurls (barfs, vomits, chunders, etc) during the game (during your shot or after in the pub, or while walking between pubs)

Ang and i went shopping for golf sweaters and argyle socks. we even bought a golf club at Goodwill. we are gonna have to keep it away from the birthday boy because he will be THAT GUY who thinks its funny to beat on Lamborghinis the more the game progresses. but still. it's gonna be so fun!

pray for my liver.


Angela said...

I can't wait to be able to post pictures!!!!

christelpistol said...

i cant wait to see YOU drink beer or run the risk of being disqualified!

Ian Townsend said...

I... I... I wanna play... but but but I cant.... *crying*

I wish I could be there, and I hope it's the best birfday he has. Make it memorable and drink 3 for me!