Friday, October 31, 2008

things that go *sparkle*

last weekend, we took the BF's daughter to a Halloween thing for kids and pets. they had a band and food and one of those inflated things kids can jump in and arts and crafts. and by "arts and crafts" i mean "unsupervised access to vats of glue and buckets of glitter."

Kiddo spent almost an hour decorating foam pumpkin cutouts with red glitter and markers. when she was finished, she gingerly made the walk back with something in her hands she was carrying so delicately. we all assumed it was because she had made it with love and was taking extra special care to not drop it. when she got closer we saw that it was not a protective maneuver, it was a feat in balance and self-preservation. she had COVERED the pumpkins in glue and glitter, so much so, that it was dripppppping off of them. and they had all stuck to her hands and were defying gravity. when she put them on the table her father cringed in terror at the 3 year old that was also covered in almost as much glitter as the pumpkins. he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom at arm's length to try and clean her up.

i took that opportunity to make the drive home with the "art" as manageable as possible. Kiddo had dressed up as a rock star for the day and her Gran had made her a cardboard guitar. since the glue was obviously still wet, i scraped off the majority of it from the pumpkins and covered her "tar" with it. it looked pretty damned bad ass after i was done with it.

by the time i had that finished, both the BF and Kiddo came back from the bathroom all clean. and he took one look at me, now covered in glitter, and just shook his head. i said to him, "if you have issues with glitter, Mister, then you and i will NEVER work out!"

he laughed cause he knows its true.

and today is a prime example of that truthiness. we don't get to dress up for Halloween at work, but our boss told us we could wear silly hats. and you know me... i can't JUST get by with a silly hat, so i have glitter too! cause, yeah. i'm THAT girl.




Ian Townsend said...

Pretty seestur. Happiest of All Hallow's Eve to you and try not to get in too much trouble. Avoiding trouble completely is impossible for a Townsend.

christelpistol said...


Ang and i are taking the kids Trick or Treating tonight. we may or may not be drunk for that outing!

Allie said...

1. you know i now have 3.9 pounds of glitter on each eye.

of course you do.

and seriously, drinking is the ONLY way to handle trick or treating - i'ma do it myownself.