Wednesday, October 8, 2008


one week weigh in.

you ready?

i lost.... TEN POUNDS.

i KNOW not to expect results like this every week, cause i tried DAMN hard to kick start this weight loss. but still. now i think i shall reward myself with nail polish. i think for every pound lost that it will be a dollar towards my nail polish dependency fund.

and i have also decided that when i lose all the weight i want to, i am going shopping for new clothes.

side story: the other day i was thinking, "i haven't bought myself any new clothes in a WHILE, i should consider at least a new pair of jeans since the ones i love have a hole in the butt (aka the butthole jeans)" and when i was at target i DID buy myself some clothes. unfortunately they were pirate PJ bottoms. not EXACTLY what i was shooting for , but holy crapmonkeys they are cute!

OH and in addition to watching what i've been eating, i have also been drinking a metric fuckton of water. like a gallon a day. this is especially difficult when i am on the phone with customer service for someone and im doing the PeePee dance. WAY proffessional, no?

k. so. there you have it. YAY ME!
and thanks to all of you for your support and cheering (especially the BF who is doing FANTASTICALLY well too! keep up the good work, baby!)


J. said...

Congrats to j00!

KimmyDarling said...

That's fabulous! Way to go!

christelpistol said...

thanks chickens!!!!!

Tasty said...

nice job hotpants. metric fuckton. HEE!

christelpistol said...

i LOVE the metric fuckton.