Thursday, October 16, 2008

at the Town's End

so. when i was wee, my father got a yellow rose tattoo on his left wrist. last year for Father's day, my brother Ian got 2 yellow roses tattooed on his left wrist.

since i am ink heavy on my left side, i decided that if i got yellow roses, they would be on my right side. and i thought about maybe getting them on my ribs. (OUCH!) and then i decided to get them around my rabbit symbol i have on my back.

well, when Ian was in town last weekend, we FINALLY did it. i got my roses.

the artist, Craig, redid my rabbit, too to make it look REALLY kickass.
i love love love it!
Happy Birthday, Old Man. the Townsend roses are complete!


themommie said...

your father never had a tatoo while i was married to him -

christelpistol said...

i said wee. that's ANY time before i was 10, silly girl.

christelpistol said...

and thanks for saying how pretty it is... GAH.