Monday, September 1, 2008

i'm alive

i swear.

just been busy busy bee and not too much to report. i mean i have a lot going on. just nothing that i care to catalog and write about right now. the majority of it is WAY personal life stuff. but let's just say i'm happy. and that does not suck.

and what else does not suck is that my toe color is called, "Have You Seen My Limo?" i mean come on people.... if that's not fancy as hell, then i don't know what is.

taking the Rottens to the pool today. and i see cold beers and grilled animal products in my future as well.

OH! and i'm a moron. i have been fighting with ants in my kitchen for about 3 weeks. and last night i had a "FUCKING DUH!" moment. for those of you that know me, my standard response to something random is "you know... ants don't like cinnamon" yes. that is correct ANTS DON'T LIKE CINNAMON. needless to say, my kitchen now smells very much like cinnamon. and i haven't seen any ants today.

at least i'm pretty.

Happy September, Y'all. may you not Labor today.


Angela said...

You ARE pretty...

Had fun at the ool.

Is it time for Happy Hour yet?

Tasty said...

Pretty girl!

KimmyDarling said...

Do ants REALLY not like cinnamon??? If that is true, you've just made my day, because I've got a few ants I've been wanting to kill!