Friday, August 8, 2008

penguins and papers

i went wednesday to the animal shelter to see if Roo was there. as i rounded one of the corners, i saw little orange feets. and i felt a shock that it MIGHT be him. and he was a VERY close match, but not my Roo. i looked at all the cats there. and asked what they did with all the ones in the back. and the lady said that they were kept there until there was room up front from those being adopted. but to keep checking back.... BUT that they were having a special on adoption right now. i hadn't considered getting another cat. but i found myself looking at some of them as if they might come home with me. even the orange one that looked like Roo, Charles, was a contender. but he was surrendered because he wasn't house broken. i didn't need to get ANOTHER peeing orange cat.

and as i was walking toward the door, i spotted some kittens in a cage. a tiger striped one and a black and white one. i stuck my finger through the bars to pet the tiger one, and the black and white one came up and shoved himself in front of the other one so i could pet him. he climbed up the bars and followed my hands whenever i tried to pet the other one. he had the cutest little pink nose too and was just a sweetie.

i talked myself out of taking him home and left without a new family member. and i have not stopped thinking about him since. i would love to have a new kitten in the house. and i could start him early on being an outside cat too. and i am sure the girls would get used to him. and and and and and...

the killer was this morning when i subconsciously named him. i was thinking about this black and white kitten... and the old joke popped into my head, "what's black and white and read all over?" and that's when i decided to name him Statesman. after the Austin American Statesman, our local newspaper. and then... AND THEN!!!! i can call him MANNY for short!

someone HAS to talk me out of this.


themommie said...

see, what did i tell you would happen if you went to the shelter to look for the roo!!!!!!!!!!!

no more cats, you will have a hard time with the girls if you make a new cat and indoor/outdoor cat.

who will take care of the outdoor one when you are away on a trip?

if you get a new outdoor kitty AND it runs away then you have to go thru this all over again

this is why there are so many cats at the shelter - people don't think about what all is involved in owning a cat before they get one

have i made enough points (the right point) yet!!!!!!

love you - just share the love you would give a new kitty on the two you already have - they will be so appreciative

purrrr, purrrrr,

the mommie

Lola said...

i have 3 dogs. 3. dogs. that is 2 more than 1 dog.

sorry, i just felt i needed to remind you of that before i weigh in.

christelpistol said...

i have decided against the Kitten. and for THIS reason only...

every animal we name with an S has died. it's bad juju in our family. and i don't want a Doomed Kitten.