Monday, June 9, 2008


last night, Allie and i were on the phone trying to figure out Three Tattoos. yes, the Threes are getting tattoos. and we have vacillated between a 3... braille for 3... braille for "three"... a Hindu symbol for 3... and last night, it went even way more into Crazy land.

Allie and i were at each of our respective computers, with our phones on speaker, clickety-clackety-ing through various web pages and email accounts. she found one site that had several languages and she picked the Bangladeshi symbol for 3. and then i wanted to see what it looked like written out. so we had to try and find the font and then unzip it and it didn't work and then i said, "do we really want to make the words 'it's BANGLADESHI for THREE?" and we agreed that it sounded kinda weird. and if on the OFF chance we got it wrong and it spelled "terrorist" or "whore" or "eggs" then it made more sense to get something that we KNOW says the right thing.

as we were looking at symbols and words and more symbols, every time i found something, Allie would say, "DONE! LETS DO IT!" and that's when i realized that though we are VERY similar in aspects of our life, she is DEFINITELY more "Vegas wedding" about a tattoo than i am. i need a long engagement and china patterns. Allie needs a few belts of bourbon and a willing Elvis impersonator.

we have agreed on one as of MONDAY... but we still have 4 days until we really get together for ink. you never know... we may still end up with Bangladeshi for WHORE.

*********EDITED for Lo.*********

it's irish and three-ish


Kojo said...


Whores are almost as good as Eggs to me. I sense a pattern in my life, though...ladies of the night, and breakfast foods...perhaps I need to consult a therapist or something.

christelpistol said...

OMG... the first thing i thought of was... Hookers.... and Pancakes
and then thought "OH! now i get it!"

Kojo said...


There is nothing better than those two things in this world. The ONLY thing I ponder on is..which one gets the syrup?

christelpistol said...

the Hooker.... only if she promises to use it properly.

Kojo said... that case, how do you determine if it is used properly? I mean, properly using the syrup IS sort of a subjective thing, isn't it? Maybe she uses it in a way that SHE believes is proper, but you do not agree.

Oh, wait. If I'm payin, my way is right. Disregard above statement.

christelpistol said...


Kojo said... like eggs.

Lola said...

oh, but wait...although y'all may have agreed on monday on a design, only 2 of the tattooees has signed off on it yet.

i'm just sayin' someone might wanna loop me in.

christelpistol said...

Lo, hit refresh.

Allie said...

see, and this totally wasn't the design i was looking at when i agreed to it .. but i like it ... so 'i'm in'....

let's find a place get a price - and just DO THIS.

Lola said...

consider me looped! now i have to figure out where on my person i'm getting it.

Allie said...

ok - so i'm thinking, mayhaps i can get that design inside a star ... cause i love me some star action