Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more perfecter

so. the plans have changed. i am not moving to McKinney yet. i am gonna rent a house and roast out of my garage. i have an agent who sends me listings several times a week. today i checked the listings and found a house on Johnny Bench Court. NO FOR REAL!

want the ACTUAL directions?
you will LOVE this. or maybe appreciate how much I LOVE them.... ready, here it go:

I35 North, 79 East, Left on Nolan Ryan, Right on Hank Aaron, Right on Willie Mays, Right on Johnny Bench


the rent is $1,195 a month for a 3BR. i am trying to talk my friend Ed into breaking his lease and renting with me. not sure how THAT will go... needless to say, i would need a roomie.

anyone else wanna live on Johnny Bench Court with me?


Kojo said...

I cannot tell you just how jealous I really am.

Words completely fail me, when normally...they are my friends. They have left, I think they may be packing to go live with you on Johnny Bench court.

the bastards.

Reckless Love and Bold Adventure said...

You just make sure you have room for a bus!!!
And be sure to go....RUN to my blog. There is a gift there JUST for you. Don't say I never gave you anything hahaha! It was torture for me but for you, anything!