Sunday, May 11, 2008


since i can't be with all the women in my life that are fantastic mothers, i have decided to prepare a Virtual Mother's Day.

starting with flowers... (my veryownpersonal mother's favorite are daisies.)

and since this is MY imagination, flowers would be followed by coffee that i had roasted and brewed.

and of COURSE breakfast will consist of bacon...

eggs... (prepared EVER how you want them... DUH)

and to be COMPLETELY decadent, Brioche French Toast Waffles.
yeah i said it. and it made ME feel guilty to even type it.

perhaps a mimosa?

maybe a bloody mary?

and then round it all off with a nap.

Happiest of Mother's Days to all of you. luh yous.



LadyBlue said...

MMmmmmmm. Mimosas. Could there be a more beautiful morning beverage? Thank you, ChaCha. That was awesome.

My reality mothers day is grocery shopping, tball, making dinner than a Sox game on tv. Which is fine with me because this morning I got the most GORGEOUS plastic bead necklace, a handprinted pot holder, a cake decorated by an 9 year old and pomises of 'arwork' from a newly minted teenager...

christelpistol said...

that sounds perfect.

MY mommie's day consists of buying new bathmats to replace the ones that my kittybabies keep peeing on.

YAY me.

Donna Jean said...

Thank you for the beautiful morning!!!! I got to sleep late and have sausage gravy biscuits...I know it wasn't bacon but it was good!!
Have a great day! I think we are going to be painting at the new house.