Saturday, May 24, 2008

SOOOOOOOOOOO not snakes.

i got a text from My Gay the other day informing me of NEW MnMs. and i know MnMs by themselves are fantastic. BUT the words "Indiana Jones Mint Crisp MnMs" made me swoon. cause you KNOW momma likes the mint and chocolate. and you KNOW that i have trained my Gays that THAT is the way to my heart.

i have searched high and low since i read those beautiful words in a text message a week ago. and i have been in Targets, WalMarts, Walgreens, Randalls, and a CVS looking for them. Target was even so hateful to have the new Indiana Jones Plain and Peanut ones, and then the GLARINGLY empty spots where the Mint ones SHOULD go.

my co-workers have listened to my plight. Ang and Allie have listened to my plight. My Gay has listened to my plight.... and finally the universe heard me. i got a text last night from a co-worker asking if it was "the mint crisp ones you're looking for, right?" YES! resoundingly YES! abso-freaking-lutley YES!

upon my arrival at the Saturday morning meeting at 8 in the am, i was greeted with not one, but TWO big bags of Indiana Jones Mint Crisp MnMs for my veryownpersonal person. i waited 2 hours and 18 minutes before their siren song weakened my resolve.

lemme JUST say,




i am IN Love.

go get some. go right now. get some. eat em. and if you don't like them, i will give them a good home. i promise.


Allie said...

so yeah.

i totally got a bag of these while shopping with the work boy.

he says, i've never seen you get m&m's before .... is this one of those 'numbers' things.

guilty. i got 'em, cause you got 'em!

love and stuff

Ms. T said...

Mint Chocolate Love.

Oh, and the gumball wedding was a true disaster. Read here: