Thursday, April 10, 2008

lighter in the loafers

amazing what an inch and a half can do.

and NO you perverts... that's NOT what i mean.

i got mah hairscut yestiddy. i sent a picture yesterday to Alliepants asking her opinion. i got back, "GIRL WHAT?" which translated from Numberspeak means, "DEAR GAWD woman, i didn't cut your hair SO cute in November for you to let it look like THAT!"

so i went. and the girl cut an inch. and then i said, "let's go a half inch moar".

ahhhhhhhhh...... MUCH better.


LadyBlue said...

Stop being hotter than me...GAH!

J. said...

It's amazing that an inch and a half can still make you hotter.

Take that in whatever way you want.


christelpistol said...

pshhhhh.... yall's crazy.

Lola said...

it's a good thing you live so far away from me right now. april and may are busy months for me and i would never get anything done what with all the making out we'd be doing.

Allie said...

well done sister.

i swear, i LOVE the way the shorter hair looks on you -