Tuesday, April 29, 2008


so, Angela informed me this morning that her husband thinks i look like a white version of Oprah.

yeah. Winfrey. OPRAH. WINFREY. a 60 year old Black Woman. i asked, "does he REALLY think i look like an old black woman??!?!?!?! FUH REAL?"

she said, "he said, look at her eyes. and mouth, and nose" at which point i interjected with , "HOW?????? my nose is SO small that when i was in second grade, i fell off a swing ONTO my face and had scrapes on my forehead and upper lip... COMPLETELY missed my nose, it's so small!"

and then she said, "well you DO have black woman lips" i do? do i? fuh real? no.

and while i was on the phone with her, i google imaged the Lovely and Talented Oprah.

and then yelled into the phone, "OHMYGAW I DOOOOOOO I DOOOO LOOK LIKE OPRAH!!!!!"

and it's kinda true.

i'm Bizarro Oprah. well, she IS a beautiful woman. i guess it's a compliment.


Kojo said...

In some ways I can see it....when she's all made up, and putting her absolute best foot forward...She can achieve, with tons of makeup, and a platoon of artists, what you have naturally.

Ok, a little extravagant there, but it's true. your smile is both radiant and mischievous at the same time....it's mysterious...and VERY alluring.

Don't you agree....Mona? *Evil Grin*

christelpistol said...

you think youre sooooooo funny!

LadyBlue said...

Maybe Oprah 40 years ago... and with blue eyes. And still a not nearly as hot version... ;-)

J. said...

I gotta go with ladyblue here.

Not nearly as hawt as j00.

christelpistol said...

you peoples is crazy.

Tenacious B said...
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