Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hangin...... LOW

it's only 7:57 and i am SURE there will be something else today that is blog-worthty....
but THESE words JUST came out of Ang's mouth.

"New Kids back together!!! Woooo!!!!! Yay! Ima be a groupie that can put out now!"

yeah. fuh real. she's always had a thing for boy bands. now that her ALL TIME favorite one is back together as a bunch of geezers... its gonna be unbearable. cause she's TOTALLY gonna flash Donnie Wahlberg

are they gonna tour as the New Kids still? or Old Guys Who've Been Around and Around and Around the Block?


Allie said...

i KNEW i loved angela.

lola and i started practicing our "WE LOVE YOU JOEY" screams on sunday.

yay to us

christelpistol said...

OMFG im surrounded.


LadyBlue said...

Hell yes I said it! And meant every damn word! Bring on the O.G. of boy bands! I will show them how effective their work in getting me through puberty was!!!

christelpistol said...

and into MENOPAUSE!!!!!


LadyBlue said...


Lola said...

see this was an eventuality. i knew they'd be back. all those years of people telling me that putting joey on my free pass list was a waste of a perfectly good spot and now i am vindicated. at least i will be this summer.

and ang, now we are older, know better tricks, have bigger bras to throw on stage, and can easily swing the cash to bribe the concierge.

it is so on.

Ian Townsend said...

I believe this is the first sign that the End of Days is upon us.

christelpistol said...

i'm TOTALLY with Ian on this one.