Wednesday, January 30, 2008


some days i am surprised that i don't have round the clock adult supervision.

this morning, i went to put in my contacts. and with me and contacts... there is ALWAYS an issue.

as i got out the little container, i felt something scrape my hand. it was my right contact. that didn't make it into the container and DRIED OUT! it was like a little contact raisin. and these are were the same ones that had the Visine incident. aka... my NEXT TO LAST PAIR.

so i threw out the contact. and looked at the left one and said, "screw it" and dropped into the sink.

i got out the last pair and opened the left one first... and couldn't get it out of the package. wanna know why? cause when the machines were sealing the package, they sealed an edge of the contact INTO the package. so it ripped when i finally got it out.

so. now i had 1 right contact dried like a raisin. one left one with half of it ripped off. SUPER.

as i hung my head about to admit defeat, i saw that the ORIGINAL left one didn't make it down the drain. i scooped it out gently, cleaned it off and put it in my eye. i then opened the right eye package and took that contact out without incident and put THAT one in.

so. i am down to 1 pair of contacts. the LAST pair (cause they're spendy) and let's HOPE i don't fuck THESE up!



Kojo said...

Glasses > contacts

cause Glasses = Hawt.

with math like that, you KNOW I'm right.

J. said...


I'm a glasses only man at this point really. I used to do contacts, but a horrible incident made me think otherwise.'ve just reminded me that I probably need to go in to see the eye doctor again before my Birthday so that I might get a new pair of glasses.

christelpistol said...

K: math is hard

J: i need to do the same while i still have insurance!

Lola said...

my mom wouldn't let me get contacts when i was in high school. she said if i managed to lose my shoes every single morning how well did i expect to be able to find two tiny CLEAR pieces of plastic?

somehow i still believe her. i still only wear glasses.

but for the record, your honor, you are hawt with or without glasses. hubba hubba.

Ian Townsend said...

be like me...